Welcome to my page. I'm a wood carver of Buddhist statues in Japan. Today, I have a lot of orders of Buddhist statues and have many exhibitions in Japan. This HP is about of work.I decided to use this HP as a way of communication with the public. I believe that Buddhist statues should be a part of everyday life.It's my pleasure to help someone to have a great time with them. Please look around my page.




Buddhist statues can be classified into four main categories.

1 Nyorai

 (This picture is my work.   Amida)

Nyorai category  has the highest  rank.
Tese are the ones that have a attained enlightenment.
The most  famous nyorai is Shaka Nyorai,the founder of Buddhism.
<Other Nyorai>
- Amida Nyorai ,who leads people to the Pure Land
-Yakushi Nyorai , who can heal the sick
*Different nyorai statues are used by different sects

2 Bosatsu

 (This picture is my work .  jizou)

These are the ones who are working towards attaining enlightenment.

The most common bosatsu is Kannon Bosatsu,who has awarm smile and offers help to people with problems.

3 Myo-o 

(This picture is my work . fudou )
Myo-o are deities who punish those who ignore the Buddha's teachings.

4 Ten

  (This picture is my work . bishyamon )

Ten are Indian gods and goddesses who became Buddhist 

guardian deities.

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